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Creative Writing Exercise – 300 Word Blast. Don’t think. Just WRITE

Creative Writing Exercise – 300 Word Blast. Don’t think. Just WRITE

Here is a 300 word challenge to help get your brain working!

Using a notepad, typewriter or whatever device you use to write, I want you to write the first 300 words that pop into your head. They do not need to make sense, or be linked in any way. DO NOT stop to read what you have written or even correct mistakes – just write!!!!

300 words or 4 minutes – whichever comes first… now, GO !

Now read back through what you have written.

  • Do you see any patterns or words that surprise you?
  • Are the words you wrote relevant to the way you are feeling right now?

Maybe all you can see is a great big pile of jumbled up words… so what is the point of this exercise you ask?

The thinking behind this exercise is based upon ‘free writing’.

When you are faced with a blank screen, stress can block up your creative channels. You need to unblock this to let the creativity flow. Letting your mind spill out onto the page can be like sticking a plunger down the sink – it gets things moving. It doesn’t matter if the words made no sense – what matters is that your words are flowing.

So now the river is flowing, get into your boat and paddle like crazy until you have completed that difficult chapter you are stuck on 

Post your 300 words in the comment box below.

Don’t be shy. Words are fuel for us writers and we always need more. Maybe something you write will spark up another author’s writing engine!

Stephen W @ Start Writing Today

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