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Creative Writing Exercise – 300 Word Warm Up – Two Strangers Meet

Creative Writing Exercise – 300 Word Warm Up – Two Strangers Meet

Today’s 300 word challenge involves you using your eyes.

Wherever you are, look around and find two people – male and female, male and male, female and female… cat and dog… your choice! Now… I want you to create some imaginary tension between them.

Perhaps they are undercover lovers or have a private secret love for each other, but never had the strength to tell each other. Write from both of their perspectives. The fear, excitement, adrenaline… the stolen glances.

Maybe they do know each other but been instructed not to make contact. Why? Spies…Divorcees…Enemies…? Perhaps they are plotting someones murder or a company take-over?

The purpose of this exercise is to help you create an extraordinary situation out of the ordinary. Great plots are all around us. Look around and create your own. Make up possible situations and bring them to life in your writing.

Now quickly write a 300 word short story about your ‘suspicions’ !

It’s your job as a story teller to bring your readers into the world of your characters. Readers want to have a ‘relationship’ with your characters – be it love, hate, respect, dread, admiration or simple curiosity. If your characters are just doing day to day things throughout the book, the story will soon start to get boring. Throw in some tension and spice things up. Keep your readers hooked.

As usual, we would love to read your 300 word short story, so please post it in comments box below… if you dare?


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