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Finding the best place to write your book

Finding the best place to write your book

For many aspiring authors, making time to write can be difficult.

When I first began to write, my family and friends thought that I was just going through another ‘phase’. But as my writing workload began to increase, they began to realise that my hobby had turned into a business. And that’s the key question here – are you writing just for fun, or are you writing to make a living?

Either path requires you to create a space and time for you to work on your craft. Each of us has our own needs when it comes to entering our internal creative zone.

I need to work in complete silence with no distractions. Others prefer to work in busy environments such as cafes and shopping malls.

A great place to write in peace is your local library

They traditionally offer a quiet working environment and you have the benefit of being surrounded by thousands of free resources… books! Being surrounded by books is comforting for me and I feel at home there.

Many famous authors, including J K Rowling, chose busier locations to write. She famously penned the first Harry Potter book in a central Edinburgh cafe. Sometimes we have no choice! A house full of children or noisy neighbours, or a constantly barking dog (I am very familiar with this one!)

The important thing here is to let everyone know that your writing is serious.

After all, you are committing your time to it – and time is valuable – so make the best use of it. Work out when you can get some distraction free time. Turn off the phones & TV and let everyone know you are WORKING. Set yourself some time limits to ensure that you don’t get too lost in your creation as you may forget you have a family!

Find a place that suits your particular writing needs.

Library, cafe, busy railway platform… wherever you feel comfortable. When you are in your ‘zone’, give your writing the focus and attention that it deserves. What you put on paper comes from your heart. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that your aspirations to become a published successful author are pipe dreams – because they are not – they are part of who you are.

Now go to your special place and write!

Stephen W @ Start Writing Today

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