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How To Develop The Writing Habit

How To Develop The Writing Habit

Currently I am writing content for six blogs and writing marketing copy for a number of small businesses.

As you can imagine, this takes up a lot of my working hours and pretty much relies on me being in ‘creative’ mode for much of my waking hours… it’s exhausting, but I love it 

For a long time I struggled with my commitments, often taking on new projects without giving much thought to ‘when’ exactly I was going to begin them… never mind complete them. Eventually it all got too much and I suffered writers block across the board. Total blank. Something had to change.

The solution was surprisingly simple.

I needed to learn how to manage my time. I looked at many systems and apps, all of which promised to help me control my time and make best use of it. They were great in theory, but all required even more of my time to keep them updated and maintained. What I needed was something simpler and less technical. The answer came from a local supermarket and cost me just £3. A notepad and a pen.

Began by writing out the days of the week.

Then I divided out my projects across the week leaving at least a one day gap between them. I keep a note of my progress on another page (topics written about, time taken to write, new ideas…)


I keep this day for my other creative writing projects (fiction and nonfiction). Of course, if an idea for one my blogs comes into my head, I will keep a note of it and perhaps write a draft.

Creating the writing habit requires you to write every day… no matter how little you do.

As long as you are making time for your writing and putting pen to paper, you will get there. Writing is a skill and a mindset. When it stops being fun, your creative well dries up and the words stop flowing. By dividing my week up into chunks I keep my creative mind fresh and I don’t get bogged down with one project.

Every blog gets a minimum of two new posts a week meaning I keep my readers happy and I keep Google coming back!

I’m producing at least 12 new blog posts a week and I’m coming up with new ideas all the time. I look forward to my writing time as I feel that the pressure is off me. In the past I was trying to juggle my thoughts all day. I would have piles of half-finished posts everywhere. With only 2 posts to write a day, I can easily find the time to complete my tasks.

This system works great for me. You might have your own and I would love to hear about it in the comments box below.

Tip… I use the WordPress app on my phone. I can quickly write blog posts and publish them or save them as draft for later editing.

Stephen W @ Start Writing Today

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