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Writing Challenge – Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Writing Challenge – Something Borrowed, Something Blue

For today’s writing challenge I wanted to come up with a novel way of using everyday objects around you.

Wherever you are… get out your notepad and pen (seriously! you don’t have one handy?)

Now look around and find the following 4 items:

  • Something old
  • Something new
  • Something borrowed
  • Something blue

Now start to write a 300 – 500 word short story that includes all of those ‘somethings’.

The aim of this task is to make you realise that novel ideas, creative stories and useful objects and characters are everywhere. You do not need to go to a special place to think up a story… you just need to look around you!

Inspiration can come in many forms, but you have to be aware of it to recognise it. Sharpen up your creative brain by doing our exercises every day. They will help keep your mind and your eyes open to possibilities!


Photo by Michael Morse from Pexels

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